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We hired Credit Solutions to help us negotiate down our credit card debt. They charge %11 of the total owed. On the surface that seemed like a good thing - spend that to save thousands. As time has gone by, they have not done much to help us. We paid $900 the first two months and then we have paid nearly $500 a month for a year. If I had saved that $ I could have paid off one card. I found out that I can get a better price if I negotiate myself. They only did one deal and it is one that I negotiated before they got involved.

The laws have recently changed so no credit negotiator can charge before they have provided you with a negotiated deal.

Because of the time delays, etc., several of our accounts went to litigation. Now I have liens on my property and much to my dismay, the courts don't care that I lost my job and can't pay. I hear these ads that say the company will negotiate your deal for %60 of what is owed. I have judgements against me and I feel like I will be a long time recovering. I might have been better off declaring bankruptcy.

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